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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awesome African Daisies

One of our favorite flowers for bridging the gap between winter and summer is African daisies (Osteospermum). Their bright, daisy shaped flowers come in wonderful colors and the Symphony series (to the left and below) has purple centers.

African daisies in the Symphony™ series are very compact evergreen, flowering shrubs that originate from South Africa. These bloom all season, and produce striking daisies that may be in shades of orange, lemon yellow, apricot and white, depending on the cultivar. These contrast nicely with their dark green foliage.

Another variety that we enjoy is 'Nasinga Purple Spoon'. The tips of the lavender petals are cupped, giving the bloom a funky, spiked look. These flowers always get compliments.

A new variety we are trying this year is named 3D because of the distinctive shape of the bloom. A pom-pom shaped center of florets is surrounded by a double row of lighter colored petals. Unlike other African daisies, 3D stays open at night.

African daisies are drought tolerant and perform best in full sun and well drained, average soil, but they also prefer cool weather. In temperate climates like ours, this tender perennial is commonly grown as an annual bedding or container plant.


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